November 15th, 2003

little review

Poem for Saturday

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After a very kind soul with access to DVDs released before their street date utterly distracted me last night, I am behind again -- NOT that I am complaining AT ALL. I did manage to get my laundry folded yesterday while watching Sharpe's Company with perkypaduan, after all; the scene where Teresa tells him about Antonia is one of my favorites in the entire series. In other important time-wasting activities I argued with HASA admins about the relative value of drabbles and realized that I would never catch up on all the fic posted in the last two weeks, so I saved it all to my hard drive.

Today we may be going to the Baltimore Zoo to see the elephants and flamingos before they ship them out, as they can no longer afford to keep them which is very sad. Or we may go to Meadowside Nature Center and do the zoo tomorrow. Depends on my older son's best friend's schedule for the weekend.

Gacked from juleskicks, I answered as honestly as I could and got this, which made me grin widely though I rather think I'd have had a cute bard with a beard as well:

Queen Anne

Queen Anne (1702-1714)
Last of the Stuart dynasty, youre a woman who's
far more interested in private tea parties with
your lady-friends than finding yourself a
husband. You surround yourself with strong
women, but if any tea-time muffin-buttering
ensues, you are very discreet about it. You
love the arts and writing, as shown in the
passionate letters you write to your
girlfriend, analysing every detail of your
relationship. You have never had particularly
good health, and you die quietly in bed.
Which old Queen are you?
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