November 17th, 2003

little review

Poem for Monday

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Gacked from cinzia, sounds good except the death part:

The Valar have determined that the hidden city of Nargothrond, ruled first by noble Finrod and then by his weaker, but still sweet brother Orodreth is the best place for you. You will enjoy life in a beautiful city with developed culture, beautiful swift river. For centuries you will be safe from Orc attacks. However, you will have to accept that that mortal, Turin, will eventually let Glaurung eat you.
Your place in Tolkien's Beleriand.
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Happy Birthday littlemimm!
little review

Gerbils. Heh.

At the request of undonne:

Aragorn Sleeping On Top Of Boromir

I is not my fault. I didn't pick them out. I didn't name them. And I certainly did not involve myself in their bedroom arrangements.