November 18th, 2003

little review


So perkypaduan and I returned to the scene of the crime -- the Best Buy where we met a year ago, in line waiting to buy the FOTR EE -- and grabbed our DVDs this morning, and then came back to my place to eat cookies and watch.

After some interruptions to take my sons to the doctor and Hebrew school and stuff, I made it through the film, the stunt feature, a lot of the image galleries and all the Faramir scenes in the cast commentary. Tonight I have to start the movie over so my kids can see. Quel dommage. *g*

I suspect that any review or commentary I have on the added material will come out in fic. For now, let me just say SQUEE.

And thank you, Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens and David Wenham for your Faramir, because Tolkien's version left me rolling my eyes and was the reason I didn't reread the books for 20 years.

Question: Is there only the one Easter Egg, the MTV Gollum speech? Or is there a ROTK preview hidden on here that I can't find?

Massachusetts made today nearly perfect for me, even though the really hot man Perky and I met in the parking lot at Best Buy failed to materialize this year.

And I gacked this from celandineb:

Maia of Manwe
You are a Maia of Manwe Sulimo,
Lord of the Breath of Arda
Whose Maia are you?
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