November 20th, 2003

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Poem for Thursday

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Am meeting beeej for lunch! And having Indian food! And while I'm in NoVa, maybe will go to Terra Christa and get all New Agey. I am hugely tempted to get one of the new miniature Goddess Tarot decks so I can carry it around in my purse for when I need immediate spiritual warm fuzzies. Would this be overly indulgent?

I think Aragorn and Boromir are in a fight. Aragorn is sleeping up in the treehouse-type nest made of twisted branches on the upper level of the cage while Boromir is all curled up in a lonely little ball in the big nest. I feel very badly about this and wonder if it's because I let Boromir see those screen caps of Aragorn kissing Theoden. No wait, it was Viggo kissing Bernard.

Yes, I was up too late last night. Busy with "Similitude" and gratuitous Jack/Stephen M&C smut with ashinae because really who can resist and I was hiding from Faramir who was trying to tell me a story I didn't have time to concentrate on yesterday. I swear, let Faramir open his mouth and he's got six months' worth of stories to tell. Mostly raunchy.

How come characters never listen when you remind them that any two people can only have one first time together? How do these people have time to defend their kingdoms, sail the seas, explore strange new worlds, etc.?

And woo hoo! Hate mail before I even got up this morning! I always feel like I wrote a better review if people are pissed off enough to write to me first thing in the morning than if the review gets ignored or I just get the standard "yeah, I agreed." Looking back I said a lot of things very inarticulately and I wish I'd talked more about the cloning and abortion politics implicit in the episode -- I just love fetuses treates as independent human beings when they can be grown in vats of brown liquid with no women in sight!
little review

Two Things

ToRN has ROTK production notes here. Lots of spoilers and stuff, but one thing leaped out at me:


*does happy dance around the room* All I ask is one second of Boromir. An instant of flashback like the one in theatrical TTT would be fine. Just ONE.

And on a related note: Aragorn and Boromir seem to have made up. They are sleeping like this now:

That's Aragorn with his tail draped protectively over Boromir. Collapse )