November 24th, 2003

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Poem for Monday

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Last night we had to clean the gerbils' cage, which traumatized them greatly when they were returned to find their hoards and piles of cardboard gone. Boromir in particular was very distressed and spent the entire evening gnawing apart paper towel rolls and, later, the paper towels themselves lining the bottom of the cage so he could make a new nest, whereas Aragorn ran around in circles for awhile and then gave up and jumped on the wheel. Silly boys.

And look! jommy drew them playing! Look how accurate!.

While we were doing the actual cleaning, Aragorn and Boromir played in a cardboard box and spent ten minutes trying to jump the 20 inches over the side. Aragorn successfully landed on the edge several times though I'd like to think he wouldn't run away without Boromir. But my cats are quite resentful that the gerbils are getting all this attention and spent the whole time trying to jump on the kitchen table to get at them. Here, in small compensation, is a photo Collapse )

Okay...I really have to see Master and Commander again. ASAP. As in, before Thanksgiving. Anyone in the DC area have a few late morning hours you want to blow off and come with me to satisfy this urge?
little review


When it takes a jury a mere five-and-a-half hours to decide that a man should be put to death, I feel nearly as unsafe as when there's a sniper in my community. That is all.

Actually, ETA: If this guy were on trial in Virginia, could he get the death penalty under that state's terrorism law, since one doesn't actually have to have killed anyone for it to apply as they're explaining it in the sniper case?