November 26th, 2003

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Poem for Wednesday

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I am being gnawed by M&C bunnies that I know are OOC even by movie standards and probably utterly preposterous by book standards. The question is, do I write them anyway, or do I read the books and try to write something more logical, but risking the chance that the intensity of these bunnies will fade and I won't particularly want to write in the fandom anymore?

Had a weird experience this morning. Started reading a bit of fic written by someone who's writing I've generally enjoyed, and found myself simply too embarrassed to continue. It was like when one of your friends, not your really good friends but someone you don't know quite that well, starts telling you a way-TMI story about her sex life, and you just want to go hide somewhere because you did not want to know this about her. Except that in this case it was really nothing new -- not the writer, not even the events of the story, as it was an OTP does it for the first time, again type thing. I wonder what caused that? Maybe because it was RPS? Though I still stumble across that by certain writers and read it and am quite happy before I remember that I don't read it anymore.

Have decided I am in love with both soundtracks of yesterday and cannot choose between them. What's scary is that at this moment I feel the same way about both fandoms, though I suspect that LOTR in the end will have made a far more lasting impression on my pysche. It's very odd though. I wonder why, when so many people in fandom are serial monogamists, I'm such a collector of pairings, and yet I can't do the pair-everyone-up-with-anyone thing at all?

My sister and her family are coming for Thanksgiving and staying at my parents' but I don't know when they will be arriving, so I have no idea of my schedule for the next two days. Hope everyone who is traveling stays safe and has a great time!

Gerbil update for the morning: they have completely gnawed apart the treehouse, leaving only the wire that held it together, which they are still gnawing as if there's any point to that. With the shredded remains of the treehouse they have built a deluxe-sized woodsy-looking nest, and shoved a huge quantity of pine shavings out of the cage to make room for this. Meanwhile Cinnamon, my smaller cat, keeps trying to leap on the cage, but since she makes a loud breeping noise right before she jumps on anything, I always know when she is about to do this and can run in the kitchen and squirt her with a water gun. So there is water and pine shavings all over my kitchen. I suppose it's still cleaner than Moria.

Aragorn attempts escape! And Boromir tries to talk him out of it, pointing out the joys of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese boxes.