December 2nd, 2003

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Gacked from beeej, no cheating necessary! Since "Maoz Tsur" was not an option...don we now our gay apparel indeed.

Deck the Halls
You are 'Deck the Halls'! Let's be honest, it
isn't Christmas you are celebrating, is it? In
fact, you know full well that there were no
shepherds in the fields in December, and that
the date of Christmas was put at midwinter
specifically to coincide with the older
celebrations of Yule and the birth of Mithras.
An unashamed Pagan, you take great glee in the
number of carols referring to holly, evergreens
and Winter's end, and will sing them with
gusto. You know where they really came from.
And you do enjoy the seasonal celebrations,
regardless of their name... A merry Yule to you!
What Christmas Carol are you?
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So I screwed up and totally missed office_ennui yesterday, thus blowing my chances both to see her and to see M&C again! *cries* And she is leaving town, possibly before she can make it out here so I introduce her to the gerbils! *cries again* I need consolation.

Today perkypaduan is coming over to watch Better Than Sex (courtesy the wonderful ashinae). But I am determined to see M&C again before the week is over and they stop showing it at matinees. Anyone local, want to come with me Thursday? Rockville-Gaithersburg around 11?

lotr100 for the passion challenge: Felix Culpa. Oh, and gacked from sangerin, a very silly quiz but I had to take it anyway and I couldn't lie about the kerosene just to get a higher number...

I'm getting there. I don't suck, but I've got a ways to go.