December 6th, 2003

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Poem for Saturday

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My favorite community had a flame war erupt yesterday, where one person made a comment about another person's grammar, and that other person apparently had everyone she know show up to talk about how the community is cliquish, obnoxious, and -- prepare to be shocked -- full of SLASH. I thought her initial point that it was impolite of the person who criticized her grammar to do so in public had merit, and had she expressed it in terms of hurt and surprise rather than reacting like a childish brat, I might even have defended her. But it was pretty much lost under a boatload of OMG U PEPL SUX. Why is it that adults insist on talking like twelve-year-olds while defending themselves on the internet, rather than posting things like, "Gee, I thought that comment about my fic was unnecessarily cruel and inappropriate in a public forum?"

Then this morning the wank and hostility on my Friends list were such that I just stopped reading it. Anger about ROTK, anger about people angry about ROTK, anger about celebrities, anger about other people's quizzes, anger about various things being referred to obliquely yet publicly...I can't take it. Rant away, I am not trying to censor anyone -- I just can't handle that level of anger and negativity right now and am not reading it.

I shall console myself with jommy's lovely porny gerbil-inspired A/B art, and the view out my window:

View From The Deck
little review

Snow Day, Again

And there was shoveling, and sledding, and hot chocolate. Our immediate neighborhood has finally been plowed, but my parents' street is still a mess, as are some other area roads, so we only went from here to there. With The Two Towers extended edition. Did I mention that my parents have a plasma TV with a fabulous stereo, and I have finally seen Osgiliath!Boromir larger than life?

From there we went to the local deli where I had matzoh ball soup and a bagel and lox, which is perfect snow weather. And now we're back here, and my younger son has a stomachache from having eaten too much junk during the movie since my mother helpfully provided more food than Loews super-sized combos.

And now I am home trying to make ashinae get some screen caps of Paul Bettany's naked arse from A Knight's Tale, because, you know, Paul Bettany's naked arse!

Winter Wonderland