December 7th, 2003

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Poem for Sunday

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My family is going to see That Movie this afternoon after elder son is home from Hebrew school. *tries and fails to restrain happy dance*

Meanwhile some entertainment. My beloved ashinae succumbed to begging and took some screen caps of Paul Bettany's lovely arse in A Knight's Tale, about whose first scene she quoted to me from the commentary Paul saying: "My entrance into the movie is indeed my entrance, if you take my meaning." And jommy drew lovely, sad Hamster!Faramir missing his brother (don't cry Faramir, he is safe and sound and snuggling with Aragorn in the back corner!)

No cheating necessary, it was so obvious that I was meant to be:

Remus and Sirius
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little review

Perfect Snow Day

So since we could drive out of the neighborhood, but couldn't go hiking or visiting in-laws at an hour's drive away, we went to the movies. And it's official: I am utterly smitten. Because most movies fall apart for me on the fourth viewing, when the dragging parts really drag and the little errors start to look glaringly obvious. The fourth viewing of TTT was when I realized the Treebeard subplot seemed quite bungled to me, because the scenes dragged interminably and I had no idea what they were there for except to give Merry and Pippin screen time (the environmental impact of that entire storyline seemed absent to me until the EE).

If there are glaring "errors" in Master and Commander, I don't know where. There are things that stretch my credulity -- the amount of lumber and paint the ship seems to be carrying, the quantity of nonessential clothing -- and I know that bookverse fans decry this movie, like the LOTR films, for having changed a hundred little things and several big ones. But as with FOTR, my points of comparison with bookverse are after the fact and entirely forgivable.

I totally fucking love this movie.

To make my day even better, my older son decided that he'd rather go out for Thai food (in the same complex) than eat junk in the movies. So instead of nachos and candy at the movies, we had chicken panang and some kind of spicy shrimp dish afterward. And I am delightfully full and content.

Aragorn is NOT afraid of Ringwraiths.
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Love on the Quarterdeck

I'm not sure what it is about my house that makes rodents behave amorously. Aragorn and Boromir had a relatively quiet day today, gnawing apart their new treehouse and taking turns on the wheel. But outside, where the snow was melting and we had beautiful icicles hanging from the eaves, we were treated to the romance of...

...two bushy-tailed gray squirrels running around the deck.
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Incidentally, I am quite sure that the above is ashinae's fault, even though we live in different countries and she has never met my squirrels.