December 21st, 2003

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Salvation. lotr100 for the might-have-been challenge. I wrote about Gollum, Frodo and Sam -- surely a first for me. ROTK ending spoilers.

Speaking of which, we are taking the kids to see ROTK at two. Must go work on TrekToday now. Back tonight. Last night's family party ended up being a real joy -- it was a distant cousin's 50th birthday and the tributes to her were beautiful, her husband and kids (all of whom have done theater for years and have beautiful voices) sang, and I got to see relatives I see far too rarely. I also got to eat creme brulee and chocolate bread pudding. No one diets in December, right?

Happy birthday lannamichaels! And milochka, thank you so much for my present! It's beautiful (those are my very favorite colors) and I am so very much in awe of your talents...the card too!

Gacked from elladans_witch because my children noticed it over my shoulder and made me do it: