December 23rd, 2003

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Sorry for the delayed post; I had to finish the drabbles as they were refusing to let me do anything else. Then I had to obtain provisions for the big family Chanukah party at my cousin Jane's (the one whose surprise party was last weekend), which I will be attending late this afternoon, and later I have to go out for more provisions for that.

So I have had to blow off my lunch date whom I now cannot see till after the holidays, and I need to go write up an Enterprise article and fold laundry so I can get packed to visit my in-laws with whom we are not-celebrating Christmas. Am completely out of it on my Friends list so vibes to everyone having a hard time and big happy hugs to everyone celebrating and please stay safe to everyone traveling! In case I am not around much, though I will try to get poems posted, happiest of holidays to everyone!