January 2nd, 2004

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Poem for Friday

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How to thin your Friends list, at least a little: admit that you are not ga-ga in love with ROTK the way you were ga-ga in love with FOTR and TTT when you wrote the fic for which many people Friended you. Heh.

Am now wondering what it will do to my Friends list if I admit that, while I enjoyed POTC greatly all three times I saw it, I found it to be a glossy movie that captured little in my imagination beyond a repressed impulse to historicize it and the random thought that Jack, Will and Elizabeth would all look very pretty together, as would Jack, Will and Norrington. That's to take nothing away from the laughter, sense of adventure and sheer fun of POTC: I walked out of the theater with a big grin on my face each time. But I've done more serious thinking about pirate archetypes after one viewing of Peter Pan than I did after POTC until I saw the most-appreciated DVD extras on pirates and piracy (POTC is one of the best DVD packages I've ever seen, and well worth getting, BTW).

But I can't help but wonder about all the people who think POTC is a better movie than M&C. If you're an O'Brian fan and just can't help resenting Peter Weir mucking with the books or Paul Bettany being too good-looking to be Stephen, fine, I understand that. If you adore Johnny Depp's Captain Jack so much that there's no room in your heart for any other, well, okay, I do think he gave a marvelous performance. I can see loving and adoring POTC in a way that leaves no room to love and adore M&C. But to think POTC is the better film, using any sort of standards of plot, characterization, dialogue, cinematography beyond fantastic visual effects? Please explain to me where I should be seeing excellence rather than entertainment in POTC.

Speaking of M&C, wingnutjs18 made the icon base for this GIP and I thank her profusely!

Guh, Jack and Stephen make me swoon during all the music scenes in M&C, and she has moved them closer together in this image. This is the icon from that movie I have wanted all along. *Joy*

And fileg, THANK YOU. You know why. (Also thank you for not un-Friending me despite my post yesterday. *g*) Gacked from you and austin, the following "Noooo!" disbelief and fear, though I guess on a quiz like this, some sort of horror was inevitable:

You are Elrond's other daughter.
What LotR Mary Sue cliche are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

I should be Aragorn's sister like fileg, except for the wanting-to-sleep-with-him business (though being someone's sibling has never made me stop anyone else in Middle Earth from doing whatever they wanted...heh). And at least I am not Eowyn Sue!

Friday Five and fannish5 both appear to be on hiatus. Off to get lunch for the kids!