January 4th, 2004

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Poem for Sunday

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We're off to see the Wizards (wow, I've always wanted to write that!) My parents have tickets and were going to take the kids, but my father caught a terrible cold at the Rose Bowl and is letting us go to the basketball game and use the parking pass. With luck the rain will hold off till evening, and we will get to walk around Chinatown and the Shakespeare Theatre area.

fileg has decided to kill people with David Wenham and Hugo Weaving in Russian Doll (warning: nipple-pinching).

I am very, very, very behind on comments and e-mail again...will work on that tonight!
little review

There's No Place Like Home

Well, the bad news is, the Wizards lost. But it was a fairly exciting game, especially the first half -- Kwame Brown had a career-high day, 23 points and 11 rebounds (unfortunately he was pretty tired in the fourth quarter when they needed him to be sharp) and Gilbert Arenas, who had a great game on Friday as well, scored 18 points. Christian Laettner played pretty well also. Unfortunately the Bucks' Michael Redd scored 27 points, 18 in the second half. Final score 100-94.

Have't been to a game in two years and these are by far the best seats I've ever had in the MCI Center -- right on center court, 15 rows from the floor (they're my father's tennis partner's season seats and he's the lead attorney at the DC area's largest collection firm, so he can afford them). They have lots of new silly stuff like a blue blob on stilts who's apparently supposed to be a mascot -- I can't remember whether the Bullets had a mascot when I was growing up, I only remember Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld -- and an electronic advertising billboard that wraps around the entire stadium flashing colorful electronic ads. Then there's the mini-blimp that flies around dropping coupons on the crowd before the game and at halftime, and the circling camera that puts couples up on the center scoreboard while the announcer encourages them to kiss. I did like the trampoline-leaping slam-dunking flying blue guy, though.

I need to learn to adjust my camera settings for indoor stadium lighting with lots of action, though even our fabulous seats may have been slightly too far to get really clear images instead of Collapse )

Now I have to work, since I rushed through site columns earlier to get to the game!