January 6th, 2004

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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ashinae will know why I chose the theme of today's poem. Fortunately, she will not tell.

Funniest thing I learned yesterday: even people who by their own admission write their favorite canon male character (and I know there are several of you who do!) paired with an OFC/Mary Sue will not admit it in a poll that can be read in public. I wonder why this is. I have only written two true Mary Sues, as I generally loathe all OCs who exist for any purpose other than to be plot devices -- don't get me wrong, if they're there, then I want them to be well-rounded and interesting characters, but I want them to be the supporting players, not who the stories are about -- but I don't think I'd deny my Mary Sues if I had more of them.

I mean, being totally honest, half the time when I wrote Voyager fic, I was Mary Sueing Janeway, and the other half the time I was Mary Sueing Chakotay. In RPing, I think there's a huge amount of Mary Sueing going on with canon characters anyway, so I've probably Mary Sued all the major LOTR characters. But there's still a huge difference for me between an Aragorn/Arwen story where the writer has obviously written Arwen to be like herself to a ridiculous degree, or an Aragorn/OFC character where, even if the OFC seems more plausible within Tolkienesque constraints, I'd rather have warped!Arwen.

perkypaduan and I are going out for lunch and I have to write yesterday's CSI Files site columns, which I completely overlooked in hunting for Trek news. More later.