January 10th, 2004

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Poem for Saturday

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perkypaduan came over yesterday and brought Russell -- well, brought Breaking Up and Heaven's Burning, though we didn't get to the latter as we were interrupted by necessities like lunch and the dishwasher repairman. Breaking Up has a decidedly mediocre script but Russell and Salma Hayek were both quite enjoyable...I'm sorry, I just adore him scruffy and wearing glasses. He was supposed to be playing a photographer but I kept thinking for some reason that he was a college professor (she was a teacher) and that made me drool too. I discovered from Perky that Best Buy has Heaven's Burning for $5.99, so I may just buy it and we can watch it at our leisure later. The wonderful fileg sent me Proof, so the next time I drool over Russell, I can drool over Hugo too.

Otherwise yesterday was a chore day -- getting dishwasher repaired, getting work done, dinner with parents who are midway through tearing apart my childhood bedroom, getting stuff done that I'd promised to do for people. Unexciting, but any day when you're burning a CD of '60s music for someone, not bad at all.

Tonight we have tickets to the Wizards-76ers game (three years without seeing them and then twice in two weeks), and in the afternoon my younger son has basketball practice, and right now I need to go drive him to Hebrew school as my husband has taken our older son to a testing program for the gifted and talented magnet school that he adamantly does not want to attend. I guess getting in is the first step, and then we worry about that.
little review

Wizards 94, 76ers 87

The Washington Post recap is calling Iverson "awful" but in fact the Wizards played well -- my favorite kind of game, one that my team won rather than the other team screwing up. Larry Hughes scored 43 points, had one of the best first halves (halfs? damn I love sports talk!) and was a lot of fun to watch. Arenas, who had a great game Sunday, is out for several weeks with an injury so this is a hopeful development.

We were stuck in horrendous traffic on the way downtown (took the Virginia side figuring it would be easier than fighting Canal Road and the Whitehurst on the Maryland side, but it could not have been any worse). Fortunately we had left early enough that we had time to go to Chinatown and still get to the stadium in time for the Star Spangled Banner. It was a fast game, not a lot of stupid fouls, and an easy drive home. Oh, and it was free backpack night, so we all got nice embroidered Wizards backpacks -- pretty good for $10 tickets.

Plus the Patriots are winning at the half, so my in-laws will hopefully be in a good mood when they come over tomorrow.

Fanfiction.net review of "Weather": "There is absolutly no possibility that Jack and Stephen could have such a relationship. Both are happily married and never show any interest in each other." Whee! I keep thinking of my favorite line from Peter Pan: "Never is a very long time."

And because I haven't posted one in awhile:

Aragorn and Boromir Curled In A Ball