January 18th, 2004

little review

Poem for Sunday

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I posted these articles in perfect_duet and might as well link here for people who might be interested but don't do the A/M slash thing. First, Paul Bettany in Vogue, UK edition, February issue, Cate Blanchett on the cover. Very lovely pictures of Bettany, lots of gushing about him and some about Russell Crowe, page one, page two, page three and page four. Second, Bettany in Hollywood Life, again some nice quotes -- he's sick of discussing his bare butt, loathes working out, admits to having been intimidated by Peter Weir and compares talking about acting to sex -- page one and page two. (And since I am an already an admitted Loser Fan Girl, can anyone scan me the pic of Jennifer Connelly and their baby that was in People recently?)

Found this appalling news about the space telescope via cortese, otherwise I might have missed it entirely, and it figures we had to hear it from the BBC!

Just had to post this, gacked shamelessly from lannamichaels, in case anyone managed to miss it from here via here:

[Nazz] Viggo you're now at the stage where you could get the majority of roles you wanted. You've had love scenes with Gwyneth Paltrow and now Liv Tyler. Is there anyone you aspire to have a love scene with, in the world?

Viggo: "Gimli? That was cut from the movie - maybe it'll be in the Extended Version."

[Nazz] I did hear about you and the bearded ladies.

Viggo: "There was a very nice beard tugging moment between me and Sean, if they ever go back and make a more extended version. You can ask Sean about it. He may pretend not to remember. And there were bearded ladies on this production, quite a few."

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