January 21st, 2004

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Poem for Wednesday and <lj comm

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wednesday100: "Anywhere But Here", for the anywhere-but-Smallville challenge.

Yesterday was one of those low key chore days where I got things done but nothing that I can feel any real sense of accomplishment about. I had a few lovely moments, like folding laundry while watching the penultimate episode of the first season of Dawson's Creek, and ashinae feeding me the phrase "grinning like a complete and utter fool" in an amusing context while writing pointless but highly entertaining fic. Perhaps today I shall wrestle with Jack and Stephen (in fic, not the squirrels) if I have time.

Got my free Palm rebate audio kit, including a 64 MB card that also holds photos and documents (i.e., fic). Now I can play "Hold On," "Closer To Fine" and "Where You Are" wherever I am, using something smaller than the paper date book I've used for the past five years...and it's a digital camera too! How did I ever live without my Zire 71? This is the best $250 I have ever spent. Also, I got one free Audible.com book with the audio kit, and of the choices, I picked the Star Trek title, just because. Now I need to figure out if I can listen to it on the computer because I don't want to waste 11 MB of my Palm memory on it.

Also, I finally got TOFOG's Bastard Life or Clarity, and am so happy it's silly considering most of the songs are on the Texas DVD and I've heard all of them before. It's a lovely whimsical CD with a baby on the liner cover and a diaper pin inside the case. Have I mentioned yet that I have a tiny little crush on Russell Crowe? Um. I blame the fact that I have half-formed M&C songvids in my head to two of these songs.

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Of the choices, yeah, this is probably true, because it's not a scarf, a frying pan or bread...my non-domesticity is showing!

Frodo's Ring
Frodo's Ring
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little review


Here's my Proving Ground review. It rambles and it's uninspired because I liked the episode but didn't love it even though it did most of the things I like it when Enterprise does.

National Geographic has some kind of special on Master and Commander and sailing ships on tomorrow at 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. EST, as I discovered via hms_surprise. VCR programmed; now to keep the kids away from it before school!

That "say anonymous things to people on your Friends list" meme brings out all my paranoia. I assume all the negative ones are about me. So I'm not doing it. *g*

That is all!