January 29th, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Nothing like a poem about the beginning of the end of the world for a Thursday morning.

Yesterday I finished reading Master and Commander and read the first page of Post Captain. I watched this week's Smallville though I still haven't managed to watch last week's Smallville, and I just realized that I have not seen this week's Sex and the City which I am watching out of a perverse desire to give a shit when the series ends. I drove my children outside into the snow even though they complained that their feet were cold and they wanted to stay inside and watch Johnny English again. I had a very long telephone conversation with my college roommate and a somewhat shorter one with my very oldest friend, whom I have known since we were six, who hosts a Superbowl party every year and was making sure we were coming, as if we'd miss it.

My beloved mamadracula sent me an early Valentine's Day present, a full-length black velvet cape! It is very soft and lovely and I need a proper occasion at which to wear it -- also a clasp. mamadracula is trying to convince me that the proper way to wear it is with nothing underneath. I think a proper vampire wears fuck-me boots, at least. Also, Rosie the big yellow cat snuck past me and took two steps out the back door in potential pursuit of squirrels, got snow on her paws, glared at me as if this were my fault, and spent a great deal of time licking them clean. Then she spent the rest of the day sprawled on my bed on top of the cape, which I had foolishly left spread out there.

Fic recs: lyra_sena's "So Heavy A Duty", a Will Blakeney M&C story with Peter, Stephen and Jack lurking in his thoughts. I don't know the writer at all but this piece is lovely. Also, not on LiveJournal but worth the trip, Keiko's "The Glass Portrait", which has probably spoiled me for O'Brian's entire series but I don't care, as it left me smiling so much. And seleneheart's entire A/B drabble series on teaching.

And another GIP, because I really need another kick-ass woman. Eowyn vs. the Kai would certainly be something to watch...