February 3rd, 2004

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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This is a count-my-blessings day. For instance, because my arm is in pain and I was very groggy at 2 a.m. from the tetanus shot, my husband took care of the cleaning-up when my younger son threw up all over his bedroom. And because there is freezing rain falling as I type this, neither of my kids has school today, meaning that my older son is home to keep my sick younger son company (and probably catch whatever he has). Meanwhile I am still groggy, in mild pain but not nearly as bad as I remembered from the last time I got a tetanus shot, which also had the diptheria vaccine in it and made me horribly ill. My finger is still sore from having been chomped and Boromir is going to have to make do with another day locked in a modified birdcage because I can't get out to the pet store in this weather with a sick child.

But all in all things aren't that bad because I am feeling the love (thank you all enormously for the movie recs -- will answer comments from yesterday presently but right now I have no idea when, exactly). Ended up not watching anything because I had an urgent need to talk to ashinae after fencing and dinner out and stopping by my friend's house to pick up my son's Superbowl winnings. (His plan for the day was for me to run out to Best Buy and spend half of it on some GameCube game while he was at school, and instead we're all stuck at home and he's sick to his stomach, poor guy.)

Anyway, I will be here but probably not chatting much since I have to find a way to work, keep my children entertained, try to get some food into the little one and fold a heck of a lot of laundry. Sigh. I suppose it's silly to be depressed by rodent instincts, anyway...

Aragorn and Boromir in happier times.