February 5th, 2004

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Poem for Thursday

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One of these days I will be caught up but it won't be today. Still have boatloads of comments to reply to, and I've only been reading a very tight friends filter so if you posted in a community, I probably missed it; sorry, and do let me know!

"Stratagem" review at TrekToday: I really liked the episode but found I had oddly little to say about it. Bakula was excellent, I enjoyed the Mission: Impossible storyline a lot, I like that the Xindi arc is going someplace. And that's about it.

Quick hits on the news: Massachusetts, yes, it's wonderful but there are a hell of a lot of other hurdles to clear. And with people ranting as if any and all married couples are just as much of a problem as the right-wing assholes out to deny everyone their rights, it's hard to see how even those of us ostensibly fighting for the same things will be able to get along for long enough to work together on this. Because god knows I wouldn't want to sit on a committee or chat at a march or hand out flyers or organize a protest or spark a letter-writing campaign with someone slamming my personal choices like that, any more than I'd want to do anything with someone trying to deny me those same personal choices, and I'm not sure how my suffering virtuously would give me any political or social clout whatsoever, which is what's needed here -- not yet more divisiveness.

Janet and the costume that wasn't there: look, it's stupid and tacky but the preemptive censorship we're about to get hit with? I'd rather my kids see her stupid, tacky breast.

And we all really need to look into John Kerry's record. Can the man rock? Why are there no songs from it on Kazaa, and no lyrics online any place I can find? It's all very suspicious.

This quiz appeals to me though I suppose I should want to be more heroic and less daydreamy; ah, but it's probably more accurate, as I relate to her more than any of the other women in the story. At least she died a hero for the man she loved...

Which Les Miserables Character Are You: Eponine