February 10th, 2004

little review

Poem for Tuesday and <lj comm

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mandc100: "Pastoral", for the wordplay challenge, though I'm not really sure it counts. Diana/Jack/Stephen because I can't possibly resist that combination and I'm not sure how she could, either.

I must have November Project's "It Is Time," and my illegal mp3 cuts off before the end, but it's $17 for a five-song CD. Is that too much? (Talk me into buying this; I want to be persuaded.)

Today I am going to the post office to mail a package that is nine days overdue to the lovely liars_dance, who has sent me Jack Aubrey Commands! *snogs her and sends RPS affectionate e-mail*

Also, I have hilarious squirrel pictures to post, but those must wait till later. *mwah*