February 12th, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Enterprise review: "Harbinger". And hey, I talked about the slash subtext yet have not received one piece of hate mail yet! What a disappointment. Maybe nobody is watching the show even with T'Pol's naked butt in the teasers.

So yesterday perkypaduan came over, and we watched Proof. All further M&C fanfic may have to be put on hold until I do something about the Martin/Andy story that is insisting on writing itself in my head. Now, I know that someone on my flist had a link to some Proof fic not that long ago, and I can't for the life of me find the link even though I know I saved it -- mrkinch, fileg, was it either of you? Can you help me? *puppy dog eyes*

Today I am rushing out to meet gblvr, vertigo66 and a Hobbit writer I admire very much. Then I must post Trek news. And then I must do stuff for my kids' school Valentine's Day parties tomorrow. Oh, and I have to get my husband a present! Eeek!
little review

Barbie and Ken Break Up!

Oh frabjous day! I mean, what a tragedy, after 43 years of...uh, quasi-monogamous plastic shelf-sharing. As my husband said, "Ah, the homoerotic subtext." Or as my uncle said, "Maybe Ken left her for Janet Jackson."

Also, Master and Commander on Region 1 DVD on April 20th! Gorgeous two-disc set! Collapse )

Got this from beckyo. Do I add "in bed" to this one?

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