February 14th, 2004

little review

Poem for Valentine's Day

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I was searching for a different poem with the word "valentine" in it and found this at the Academy of American Poets and absolutely had to post it. Wow.

Have to write an article quickly and then we are going to my in-laws for the weekend. Expect very little posting and even less reading of flist -- please don't be insulted if I miss your fic or crises or anything, there is always someone who is bothered that I missed something when I've been away. My vacation flist filter consists of a handful of people I know personally and one writer whose fic I would not want to miss if...oops (runs and adds astolat to filter), two writers whose fic I would not want to miss if the world was going to end in a day. And I don't even read the fic, just save it so I don't forget that it exists.

So later I may be hiking in Gettysburg (which seems appropriate so close to Lincoln's birthday) or we might go to the Boyds Bears factory since it's right up there, and I want to see the legendary farmer's market. I do have to work this weekend even while I'm away. Sigh.

GIP because I am a silly person.

Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Presidents' Day and Happy Weekend!