February 17th, 2004

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Rushing out to the dentist after being allowed to sleep late, which was lovely but means I am dreadfully behind. Have boring Trek articles to write, will start when I get back I guess. I have an urgent need to get two boxes of chocolate truffles left over from Valentine's Day out of the house, too -- anyone want to come over and eat some?

I forgot to mention one of the amusing side stories of my trip that I know will interest certain people here, though: My mother e-mailed in a panic to let me know that when she came over to feed the cats, Cinnamon had knocked Boromir's cage clear across the kitchen floor while Aragorn's was teetering at the end of the counter (it was quite obvious that Cinnamon was responsible because she was SITTING ON THE COUNTER where the cage was supposed to be). My mother locked both gerbil cages in one of my sons' rooms for safekeeping but now I am nervous about what the cat will do when I am out of the house even for a few hours. Spraying her with a water gun when she tries this does not seem to have any significant effect. Anyone have any suggestions what to do about a very pesky cat?

Am way way way behind on flist and beg forgiveness if I missed milestones in anyone's life. However, fileg made me sporfle all over the place with Aragorn breaking up with Arwen in a chat window.