February 20th, 2004

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Poem for Friday and <a href

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Friday Five
When was the last time you...
1. ...went to the doctor?

Tetanus shot a couple of weeks ago.
2. ...went to the dentist?
Earlier this week.
3. ...filled your gas tank?
Last weekend.
4. ...got enough sleep?
Last weekend.
5. ...backed up your computer?
Right before going out of town last weekend.

fannish5 today is "Superhero 5" and I would only make an utter fool of myself revealing my total lack of knowledge about comics if I tried to do it. Catwoman from the Adam West TV show is my favorite superhero, even if she's techically a villain (every time she's about to seduce Batman, and he panics and says, "But what about Robin?!" she offers to have him killed painlessly...heh). I have no opinions on any Superman but Smallville's and I doubt enough people here followed Lady Pendragon for her brief and glorious comic career that there's much point in talking about her. I suppose I should catch up on Aria, which I read for the art, and Promethea, which I read for the Tarot and mythology...

Gacked from cara_chapel, though as dylant points out this quiz has an absolutely repugnant response for Israel and I am only keeping it here because I didn't discover this till several days later, so I don't encourage anyone to take it: Collapse )

This morning for Read Across America, my kids' school had breakfast for students and parents (really healthy stuff like donut holes and muffins of course *g*). We all brought books, the librarian dressed up like the Cat in the Hat in honor of Dr. Seuss' upcoming 100th birthday, the principal read a book about a really mean principal. I read a few pages of O'Brian but it's hard to read while saying hi to people, getting kids more muffins, listening to one son talk to a classmate about cartoons while the other reads aloud, etc. Am stuck in the house without a car and nothing exciting for lunch now...ah well, shall go finish Post Captain.