March 11th, 2004

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wednesday100: "Not Taken", for the time challenge. Yesterday I wasn't even in the mood to see what the challenge was, and when I looked this morning I discovered that it had been posted late anyway, and I had an immediate bunny. Time works like that. *g*

I am afraid to mention what perkypaduan, agentirish and I are planning to do today because every time we make plans to do this, something comes up, but with any luck I will report on it later. perkypaduan also had a brilliant idea based on my post of last night: "Strip Fighting Sail!" Now I have a very small bunny involving Stephen losing the clothes off his back in a card game -- c'mon, think Paul Bettany in A Knight's Tale, I'm amazed no one has done this yet. I wonder what Jack would make him do to get his clothes back. Heh.

Have I mentioned that it is thoroughly stressful and demoralizing not to have any idea where my editor is or when he might resurface? If I knew that he was coming back at a specific time, even if it seemed like an outrageously long time to be away, I could deal more easily than not knowing anything at all. Thanks, y'all, for putting up with my moods these last couple of weeks.
little review

Mystery, Alaska totally charming. (Yes, we finally watched it!) Russell is very sweet but I was also happy to see Colm Meaney and Hank Azaria. The women's roles are so painfully awful -- they're basically currency in the movie, not characters -- I was desperately seeking ways to slash the men so their wives could up and run off together, but Russell's character at least is rather heterosexual, without even making "You're the only one on my dance card" type jokes at other men like Sid yesterday. *g*

So, like everyone I know, I did that put-your-name-into-Google's-image-search-box meme. Collapse )

So I get a call from the school nurse this afternoon telling me that my younger son hit his head on the bars of the jungle gym at school and is coming home with a big welt on his forehead, asking us to please keep an eye on him. I'm relatively calm about this, as he's a pretty active kid and this has happened several times before. Then I walk home with him and his best friend in the second grade, and they tell me that a group of fourth graders were terrorizing all the second graders, ordering them off the jungle gym and shoving them if they didn't listen, which is how he got the bump on his head. The school nurse conveniently left that part out though my son says he told her and that the adults theoretically in charge at recess knew about it. I called the principal; she did not call back. I am so mad I could strangle someone. Anyone who knows our family history with this school and recess mishaps probably understands my fury better, but there is just no excuse for them not at least explaining what happened and assuring that it won't happen again. Fuckers.

With my editor AWOL I had to write five articles today around the movie, the most entertaining of which being the possibility that William Shatner could be a regular on The Practice spinoff. I didn't get a single nasty note about my editorial on Paul Winfield and how none of the obits acknowledged his longtime male partner, and I did get a whole bunch of thank you notes, so I feel really good about that. Rival site has minor spoilers for the Enterprise finale up but I'll post them tomorrow; the identification of a single guest actor is just not that significant.

My husband picked up Popeyes on the way home from taking younger son to violin, and perkypaduan and agentirish (who tolerated my hockey ignorance very sweetly) brought me Chipotle for lunch, so I have officially Eaten Way Too Much today.

Tomorrow I think I shall post some Jack/Stephen squirrel pictures here, since I realized I have a bunch I took but never did anything ridiculous with. Heh.

ETA and GIP: Was posting this pic for a friend from perfect_duet and decided to crosspost to russell_daily and then decided to link to it here, too, in case any Jack Aubrey fans missed it, because windblown Jack is so lovely. There's also a picture here of Jack and Stephen in the Galapagos.