March 13th, 2004

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Because this poem cracked me up utterly, on so many levels.

My horoscope today, which I am trying to puzzle into some kind of sense, for reasons I don't understand since I don't believe in this kind of astrology: Artistic or spiritual inspiration could come your way through dreams and visions today. You could find it easier than usual to slip into a meditative or contemplative state, often approaching near-loss of consciousness. Write down any insights you may receive - you may want to make use of them later. A female friend could want to share your experiences. She also might want to borrow something from you that you aren't all that keen to lend!

Maryland won! Woo hoo! My in-laws are coming and I need to look up Trek news, but here I am writing gratuitous smut with my partner in crime. I feel surprisingly good. *veg*