March 16th, 2004

little review

Poem for Tuesday and <lj comm

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I was so sure that someone would post this yesterday that I didn't even bother. Here is the play at Bartleby, but late for the Ides of March.

mandc100: "Exile", for the Ireland challenge.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon with my sister and nieces. First the kids were at my house, then they were at my parents' along with more family friends, then four of the kids were back here because my father really wasn't feeling well and with seven kids in that house it was much too loud. The girls went back to my mother's for dinner and we ate at home.

Tonight there is a meeting at the magnet middle school for all the kids accepted into the program so I am hoping my son loves everything about it, as the neighborhood middle school is walking distance from our house and he was already favorably impressed on a visit there.

Re: that meme where you pick an interest from my interest list that you either don't know anything about or can't understand why I would like it: ask, and I will tell you about it, but feel free to do that any time, not just when there's a meme.