March 18th, 2004

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Poem for Thursday

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My younger son cannot see at all through the eye that's beneath the bruise he got at school last week. This just started last night. The pediatrician and opthalmologist are both apparently too busy packing in patients to compensate for their lack of compensation from various people's fucking health insurance to have time to return my phone calls. I need to call one of them back and demand to know whether I should take him to the goddamn ER or whether it's just (just?) a detached retina and can wait till they deign to fit him in.
little review


Have taken younger son to both the pediatrician and the opthalmologist. His neurological responses appear to be fine and his vision has mostly returned to normal -- had, in fact, mostly returned to normal before the opthalmologist examined him, but the pediatrician wanted the eye doctor to check him out anyway. They both said that his eye's inability to focus sounds like a migraine-related condition kids get sometimes from trauma, not always accompanied by headache; there's no evidence of hematoma, concussion or anything and they both said it would be quite unusual for anything like that to happen nearly a week after the initial injury, though he could have aggravated the injury somehow. At any rate his retina isn't detached and there aren't any blood clots besides the ones just below the surface of the skin that are making his forehead look rather terrifying.

Am breathing a huge sigh of relief though the pediatrician wants to see him again next week and the opthalmologist in two weeks. They're not ruling out a CAT scan. Thanks so much, everyone, for the vibes. Yesterday both of my kids had dentist appointments to have permanent teeth sealed and x-rays taken, and my younger son complained that he had to press his head against the machine that takes the panoramic x-rays, so I'm wondering whether stress or pressure or something aggravated his head injury.

Am too exhausted now to remember if there was anything else of importance to report. Instead, a gerbil picture, just to show everyone that Aragorn and Boromir still play together sometimes:

I wasn't home to see it and was too distracted to think about it, but my older son's fifth grade class apparently watched it in school, so, a little after the fact: Go Terps.