April 3rd, 2004

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Poem for Saturday

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From musesfool, the Icon Gender meme. My current icons:
  • Male: 28
  • Female: 9
  • Miscellaneous: 14

    I counted Hook/Wendy as both male and female, if anyone is wondering why there are 51 icons listed. Using popular convention, I made the hurricane female. I have seven icons featuring plants and animals, including male gerbils, presumably male squirrels, a female cat, a frog bearing a slogan popularized by the male Kermit the Frog, and an O'Keeffe-looking vagina-flower photo. Of the other miscellaneous photos, four are ships (presumably "she" in archaic reference), one is a phallic lighthouse, one is Stonehenge, and one is the First Amendment which had damn well better be gender-free at least in application.

    I want to go see the Byzantium: Faith and Power exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC before it closes in July. But I don't have plans to crash at my sister's until August. Must figure out a weekend when we can sneak up that doesn't interfere with my kids' impossible soccer and baseball schedules.

    Due to the cancellation of said soccer and baseball schedules today because the fields are saturated from a solid week of rain, we are going to try to go downtown to see the cherry blossom festival. Because of the crowds, the terror threat and my claustrophobia, we are not taking the Metro. I am hoping the Smithsonian resident associates' parking lot will not be full, but if it is, then it may be a drive-by viewing of the blossoms rather than actual walking. If that is the case, I will have to find someplace else to assuage my craving for green tea ice cream.

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    Happy Birthday peregrine_ek! And thingsunseen, is it really your birthday? It's not showing up on my list! If so, happy!
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    Cherry Blossoms

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    It rained on and off all morning, the sky was overcast, our children's sports practices had been cancelled. We left to go downtown around 2 p.m., hoping that the parade crowds had dispersed and that the rain was over, spent more than an hour in traffic first in Virginia on the George Washington Parkway, then over Chain Bridge and on the Clara Barton Parkway in Maryland, neither of which had much blooming along the way yet. Went creeping in up 14th Street, away from Pennsylvania Avenue traffic and security. Parked at the Smithsonian (*singing virtues once again of being a Resident Associate and paying to use free museums*) and walked across the Mall from Natural History to the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson and FDR Memorials. By the time we reached the festival stage, the sun had come out -- a cool, glorious, gorgeous late afternoon. Headed home after 6, stopped for Chinese food. Wonderful day. More pictures to come.

    boxer_ferret discovered that there are screen caps of half-naked, wet Jack Aubrey swimming at Murph's Place and Sid's Play Place. Whee! I want my special edition DVD!