April 6th, 2004

little review

The World Forgetting, By the World Forgot.

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That's the Alexander Pope poem from whence comes the title of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Why did none of my friends who are Elijah Wood fans and have surely seen it mention that this film is so utterly, devastatingly amazing? I wanted to see it in the theater because I love Jim Carrey in serious movies (not an Ace Ventura fan, but I am one of three people in the U.S. who adored The Majestic) and Owen Gleiberman's review in EW was so glowing that I figured it must be worth it (I like Kate Winslet too, but some of her choices of roles have left me shaking my head).

This movie is so shattering that I need to see it again to catch up on what I missed when I was bawling during the scene in the bookstore with the disappearing titles; I had heard most of the plot twists and did not expect it to have that sort of effect on me. The entire film is about memory, nostalgia and the havoc people wreak upon themselves choosing what to remember and what to forget, and it feels kind of like Memento in that we see memories as they're being lost. It's not really only a love story and it's filmed at times like cheesy sci-fi (hugely reminiscent of the death sequence from Brainstorm at one point which is nostalgic itself for me). I am not prepared to be coherent about it but Glieberman's review is here.

Came home from that to laugh my head off at The Onion: "Yahoo Launches Soul-Search Engine". Because yeah, I could just see that.

In other news of the day, I met gblvr for lunch but really couldn't eat much, as a result of having eaten way way too much last night, so I had a big bowl of tom ka gai and then I walked around the lake on the boardwalk to Target, where I discovered to my relief that I can still get into the same size stretch denim jeans as I wore before Passover. By total coincidence I ran into vertigo66 and her kids in Barnes and Noble (and discovered that, by loaning them Thomas and the Magic Railroad, I had inadvertently forced her to have to buy more Thomas the Tank Engine stuff...heh, I remember that phase well).

It is very rare for me to get to spend two full hours shopping without my children but I bought nothing more exciting than the jeans for me and underwear for all the males in my family. Oh, and Matrix: Revolutions, which we picked up after the movie; originally apaulled was going to get it during the day so we could watch it tonight before the UConn game, but when perkypaduan bailed on the movie this morning due to her very busy Cherry Blossom Festival schedule -- I am seeing her for lunch tomorrow anyway -- I made him take me to Eternal Sunshine before basketball so I still haven't seen the Matrix movie.

As I asked vertigo66: If the UConn women win tonight, will tomorrow's Washington Post sports headline be "The Wrath of Conn. II"? If Connecticut wins, it will be the first time a men's and women's team from the same school have won the NCAA tournament the same year, won't it?