April 9th, 2004

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Poem for Good Friday

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Am using a slightly modernized-spelling version of Donne because people seem to get hung up on Es and Ls in places to which they are unaccustomed to such letters, but there's an earlier version at Bartleby. This one is edited by E.K. Chambers from the 1896 edition of Donne's poems.

And I am driving westward, though only to Hanover, and Good Friday does not have any special spiritual significance for me, though the Tenebrea service is beautiful; this year, between The Passion and the antisemitic Google bombing, I'm actually rather not in the mood to have Christianity shoved down my throat by the decorations at department stores and the hundred varieties of candy eggs for Easter baskets at the big-box stores. When did Easter become Valentine's Day? I always thought of it as a religious holiday, as opposed to Christmas which for the majority of celebrants I know is rather more cultural/commercial. Given this mood it's kind of funny that I am looking forward to celebrating a completely non-religious Easter with my very Christian in-laws with whom I celebrated a rather more religious Passover earlier this week.

And I am going to see Gettysburg, and maybe Boyd's Bears, and totallykate! And it's gorgeous outside right now. So have a good Good Friday (a peaceful one at least if you stay indoors and pray/meditate) and I probably won't be around much, except with groundhog photos...will have little time to read the flist on the dial-up in Pennsylvania. Off with a snitch from eiluned because I liked the quiz:


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little review

Good Good Friday

Greetings from Hanover, Pennsylvania, where we arrived early this afternoon under clear temperate skies after a drive through the outer battlefields of Gettysburg and the town. Our original plan was to take my in-laws out to dinner, but we realized when we got here that, this being the last Friday in Lent, the local seafood restaurant was going to be absolutely mobbed, so we ate the turkey intended for tomorrow tonight and decided that we would go out for lunch tomorrow instead (with totallykate whom I have not seen in a couple of years...yay!) Because it's supposed to rain on Sunday, we will probably go to Hershey and ride the free chocolate world attraction and maybe go to the zoo. In the meantime since it's supposed to be beautiful again tomorrow we will probably drive around to see the local flowers. Collapse )

Because it was a gorgeous evening, we took a walk between dinner and dessert to the baseball field at the nearby YMCA, where I astonished myself by hitting four out of five thrown balls...admittedly my father in law was not pitching very hard, but I haven't tried to hit a hardball since college, I don't think, having always played softball and that not very well. We played, walked the dog and took my younger son to the jungle gyms until sunset. Collapse )

After dark we went back outside to see the isoceles triangle made by Venus, Mars and Aldebaran toward the west. We turned to see Jupiter -- two of its moons were clearly visible to the lower left of the planet through our 50x binoculars -- and the space station was passing right nearby, a very steadily moving point of light, dimmer than the planet but brighter than many nearby stars. I have only seen it once before on a night when the paper noted that it would pass right over my house. I love that. Oh! And earlier, from the same spot, we beheld Maximus the Groundhog! Collapse )