April 12th, 2004

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Poem for Monday

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Last very early post; we're doing family stuff in the morning and then driving home, so I might not be online till late afternoon. My older son has his first baseball game scheduled tomorrow and I want to know what genius decided it should be played the last day of spring break. I am hoping to stop at Boyd's Bears long enough to get some jam and gifts but it will depend on how quickly we get moving in the morning. I did manage to get all our laundry done during the endless procession of Easter greeting calls to the west coast, which is why I am still awake at this hour...

Am off to collapse. Hope everyone had a great Easter!
little review

Am Home

Drove through the pouring rain, so didn't bother to stop at Boyd's Bears or anywhere else; we'll be back up there soon enough. There's a 200+ year old iron forge that I want to visit near Lancaster, and wetlands near Harrisburg, and a bird sanctuary...

Speaking of wildlife, Maximus has a girlfriend! Who looks very large, quite possibly pregnant! They were both out at the same time this morning but I couldn't get a picture of her before she went and hid behind some bushes. What a stud, that Maximus! Here is a gratuitous photo of him and a friend, anyway.

For old time's sake, from the Sunday Herald, "Lone Star": [Viggo Mortensen] had been out the night before with Sean Bean, but the sight of both Aragorn and Boromir from Lord Of The Rings sitting in the pub (Mortensen, a committed polyglot, actually uses the word "pub") was too much for the capital's autograph-hounds and they advanced en masse. Eventually Mortensen gave up and went back to his room.