April 14th, 2004

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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It's gray and drizzly without actually raining. I suppose I should consider this a good thing, as it must be better for my allergies than days of sunshine, but I am having something of a longing for either clear skies or a real storm. It's just gross enough that I don't really feel like taking a walk outside, even though I always exercise better and longer when it's outdoors.

I have lunch plans for the next two days so must get work done today. Am hoping to have time to start Desolation Island around all that. I'm tired and demoralized from Dubya's speech (repeated three times during the Q&A, as his response to pointed questions seemed to be to recite lines from the lecture all over again, in the same tone of voice).

Is this month really almost halfway over? Ah well, apaulled finished our taxes, and that's what matters for tomorrow, right?

Happy birthday evildrem! And thank you for everything! I am seeing beeej tomorrow and will receive goodies then! Also, happy birthday machiavellian!