April 16th, 2004

little review

Poem for Friday

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Last night ashinae and I were trying to come up with a list of songs to which it is impossible to stay in a bad mood while listening. The ones that never fail me -- and yes, I know how BAD these are -- are the Village People's "Y.M.C.A.", Starship's "We Built This City", Manilow's "Can't Smile Without You", The Hooters' "And We Danced", and Farnham's "Angels"...at least I think those are my top 5. ashinae reminded me of "Rock Me Amadeus", "You Shook Me All Night Long", "Take a Chance On Me", "Let's Get it On" and one I should have had on my list already, "She Bop" -- also, we agreed on anything by They Might Be Giants or "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"-era Beatles. (Also I realized that when there is enough Remus Lupin footage I want a vid to "Hungry Like the Wolf.")

So...anyone got any recs of music to which it is impossible to stay in a bad mood while listening? NOT deep. NOT lyrically uplifting. The Bangles' "Eternal Flame" is fine. So is Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go." That kind of stuff.

Friday Five and fannish5 are not updated yet so I'll do those later. perkypaduan is coming and I have not showered yet!

And I rarely read Smallville anymore, being both behind on and annoyed with the show, but scribblinlenore made my morning with "Happiness Is Big Gay Obsession". Because sometimes fic like that is the bread and wine.