April 19th, 2004

little review

Poem for Monday

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A photo for the poem, sort of, since I have none of Arlington National Cemetery where the river is visible:

Fort Washington and the Potomac, April Light

Have little to report after spamming the hell out of this journal yesterday, but I did need to mention nessa_t's discovery of Dom-Land Caribou, or, what if the Fellowship were a hockey team? Lavishly illustrated and screamingly funny even if you're like me and barely follow the sport!
little review

Karma Chameleon

The Good News: Paul the cute Irish plumber is here.

The Bad News: This is because our toilet was leaking.

The Atrocious News: And the toilet has to be replaced, because the tank is cracked, meaning we are out several hundred bucks and have to get one of those newer toilets with the smaller flushing capacity.


Tomorrow morning: M&C special edition DVD. Must remember to focus on that. *does happy dance*