April 22nd, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Sorry about the late-night hysterical squee yesterday; I just couldn't help myself. *g* Am rushing off to lunch with office_ennui and then rushing home for the shitload of work dumped upon me; hopefully I can get at least some of it done before my son's violin lesson this evening. (Watching Russell Crowe trying to get the notes right in the M&C extras footage has been most enlightening to him, as he is frustrated that he cannot play like Perlman already; considering that it was Crowe who made him want to learn the instrument in the first place, this seems only fair to me. But, oops, I am close to squee again.)

On a much more somber and infuriating note, from hallucinateme: "Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays"</b>. What in hell is wrong with these people?! I want to go back to teaching at DePaul, a university named after a Catholic saint who insisted that Christians had an obligation to feed, clothe and educate even people who did not share their beliefs...and this was centuries ago! Why, why, why isn't there a Vincentian Pope?

From musesfool, and yay, I get to do more Malfoys, with Remus watching no less:

Your HP Shag by irr4tional
User name
You start off by shaggingNarcissa Malfoy
in theGreat Hall
whilst being watched byRemus Lupin
Then have a quickie withLucius Malfoy
whilst both wearingLeather cowboy chaps
and yellingOh! Oh! Oh!!!!
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