April 23rd, 2004

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Poem for Friday

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Happy Birthday Will. Many, many thanks for everything. Also Happy Birthday dancerin036!

fannish5: Opinions 5
1. What type of fannish interaction do you prefer: conventions, smaller in-person gatherings, mailing lists, newsgroups, blogs/journals, IRC?

Ideally very small in-person gatherings with my best fannish friends. But have done all of the above, and in order, would prefer smaller in-person gatherings, blogs/journals, conventions (when local and affordable), mailing lists, IRC and newsgroups.
2. Are you always upset when your show gets canceled or have you ever been (not so) secretly relieved?
Ever since La Femme Nikita came back from cancellation with the worst conclusion ever, and X-Files ran itself into the ground, and Voyager ran three years past my ability to love or even like it, I have been very relieved when shows got cancelled.
3. Do you find icons an integral part of lj'ing or would you be just as happy with one icon as with fifty?
I scoffed at people when they first started letting people have 50 icons. Now I have 50. *g* Though I can easily live with ten, or five, or three, and just archive ones I no longer use. I wish I had more ability to muck with the mood theme, which I think I would find more expressive if it were more personal to me.
4. Do you prefer to read fanfic in zines or online?
If zines were free, I'd say zines, but since they never have been, I cannot praise online fic enough and am so grateful for it. And really, since I can download it to my Palm, it is actually more convenient in some ways than in zines.
5. Do you consider yourself FIAWOL* (fandom is a way of life) or FIJAGDH* (fandom is just a goddamn hobby)?
FIAWOL, though I have periods when I GAFIAte and say FIJAGDH.

all_ahoo (whom I am not stalking, honestly) has posted even more M&C DVD screen caps! And since liars_dance demanded that I repost The Tickling Picture, for which I would like to thank my non-stalkee:

Because men do not get any cuter than this.