April 29th, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Poem swiped from the wonderful all_ahoo. Am absolutely loving National Poetry Month. ghazalah, thingsunseen, would like to swipe from you too, if you don't mind...

The end of the world has arrived in Washington, DC. No -- not the cicadas, though those are coming, too (see GIP). The dreaded snakehead fish has been found in Pine Branch Lake at Wheaton Regional Park, one of my favorite spots to take the kids on weekends. So, naturally, they have to drain the lake. If the Asian invader has spawned, and spread into the Northwest Branch, which flows into the Anacostia and the Potomac, will they drain the rivers, too?

Also, I am never ever moving to Virginia, even if we could afford a house there that's twice as big and our kids would be in smaller public school classes and less crowded schools.

hot_x_bunny posted this Sunday Times interview with Russell Crowe (with pics) from last November for someone else, but I am linking anyway because I love the defensiveness of certain interviewers, particularly men, when Russell growls at them; Russell seems to deal better with reporters who growl back at him, which entertains me because some of my favorite interviews I've ever done were with people who got pissy until I snapped at them. Russell, like Anjelica Huston, though, is on my list of people I would never want to interview because real life couldn't possibly live up to fantasy.

This morning you all get the rush job because I am going out to see vertigo66 and have not done one instant of work yet. Bwaaah. Comments later!