May 6th, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Gacked from vertigo66, from Atrios: "Today is the National Day of Prayer. Let us pray for the election of John F. Kerry."

And I covered this for Trek Nation but dreamplum reminded me that I really should go read it, and am now laughing so hard that I am reproducing the entire thing here so no one has to go to the site and get naked shaved skinny women popping up on their work computers, because this man makes me howl: Collapse )

Must run and get organized, as I have no car ($500 something wrong with the coolant system grrr) and am stuck at home so gblvr has graciously offered to come get me for lunch!
little review

Report On My Not Having A Life

Just a catch-up post. Had a relatively uneventful day; wrote two articles and bullets, answered about half the comments I owed, made some calls, wrote some e-mails, pondered whether our current (owned) car is worth the money we pour into it regularly as opposed to renting one. Because I was stuck in the house, the very lovely gblvr volunteered to schlep down here from Gaithersburg and take me out to California Tortilla, which improved my mood greatly. She showed me where to find HP vids and I showed her ashinae's M&C vid and with any luck she will not report on the condition of my house in her journal. *g*

We were supposed to take our younger son to violin, pick up the car at the place behind the mall and then meet my father in the mall for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen -- dad's idea, since he is going to New York tomorrow to see my sister's kids, and my mother is already up there -- but the car wasn't finished, so I shall be without a vehicle until tomorrow evening. Would arrgh about this but perkypaduan has offered to come over and entertain me (heh) so shall limit my arrghing to one more complaint about car expenses.

After the kids went to bed, apaulled and I were going to watch The Matrix: Revolutions which we still have not seen, but his parents called 20 minutes in and by the time we got off the phone with them, we discovered that we were both utterly out of the mood and unimpressed with the beginning. I wonder how long it will take me to watch the end of the trilogy. We ended up watching The Heart of Me because apaulled hadn't seen it and I was in the mood for it, having just seen Olivia Williams in Peter Pan and being willing to watch Paul Bettany in anything, any time.

I also had some fannish delightful squeeing when the mail came: Collapse ) On an unrelated fannish note: the KB Toys in the mall had Faramir in armor for $5. Of course I had to get him. Does anyone know where I can find Boromir in armor for a relatively decent price? And, LOTR icon! Bwahahahaha!

I hate the FDA. I hate the current administration. I am starting to wonder whether I hate the majority of people in this country, the ones who put them there and give them decent approval ratings. But wasn't the majority who put Bush there!

And for people who keep track or once kept track of such things, we did have Aragorn and Boromir out together in their box tonight. As you can see, they did some serious playing before they got around to chasing each other and snapping.

Boromir checking out Aragorn's fitness to be King of Gondor.