May 8th, 2004

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Drifting In Empty Seas For All My Days Remaining

I? Have had a shitty day. Despite the best efforts of perkypaduan to liven it up, which she did spectacularly for a couple of hours with sushi and "Can we watch the M&C DVD extras?"

Whatever was wrong with the coolant system in the station wagon has apparently damaged the engine. The quotes are all in the four digits to repair, higher to replace. Naturally replacing the whole damn car, which I think makes the most sense, would cost the most of all.

My husband told the car place to go ahead and repair, then called me to tell me how much they were estimating the cost. I screamed at him for not calling me first, told him to call them back and tell them to wait so we could at least figure out how much more it would be to replace the engine and have a discussion about possibly thinking about looking at cars. So right now it is not being fixed, we have one car and two sports carpools tomorrow...

I don't want to think about this. Would rather think about, all of us had to drive up for my older son's baseball practice, having only one car and nothing in the house for dinner and no way to get dinner without a second those of us not practicing baseball went out for Indian food (very good, but not cheap, and slooow service considering we had son #2 with us), and the sky opened up and we had to race to get older son from the practice as he cowered in the coach's car with other kids waiting to be picked we rushed back, not stopping in pouring rain to get things we needed like milk, and got home to two hours of blackout and very cranky kids as a result...

So what I accomplished today that was good was eating lots of good food, which is the last thing my waistline or any other part needs...

You know, I think I am just going to forget today and worry tomorrow about how to pay for the effing car, get the kids to their effing sports, get my weight back to 110, etc.
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Poem for Saturday

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I am still in a bad mood, so feel like wallowing in nostalgia. Below, a photo of Ebbets Field, home of the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1913-1957, demolished in 1960.

My grandfather took this photo, reportedly in 1955, the same year my father and his brother attended the last game of the World Series that ended Brooklyn 4, NY Yankees 3 (note: any result in which the Yankees are in the losers column is sweeter than anything, other than perhaps the Giants in the losers column in the pennant race). Better photos here.
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Beep Beep Mm Beep Beep Yeah

Am in a somewhat more acquiescent mood though nothing has really changed and we are going to be very, very broke for the foreseeable future, the most obvious result of which is that we're not going to L.A. this summer and I won't get to see various relatives and friends, nor the Long Beach Aquarium, nor the Rose. Sigh. I did, however, get a big reality check from a friend, whose mother had cancer that they thought had been caught which has apparently spread to her liver. On the grand scale of things that can go wrong, car trouble and financial difficulties are extremely minor. Must remember to count blessings more often. Sorry for all the whining.

In between taking kids to sports and birthday parties, we spent most of the day crunching numbers and looking at minivans. Anyone with any strong facts/opinions/stories about the Toyota Sienna vs. the Honda Odyssey, would you let me know? Please do not lecture me on buying American. If Ford made cars that didn't fall apart around people, we would not be in this situation. Our other vehicle is a Plymouth Voyager with which we have been very happy, but we've put over 100,000 miles on it in less than six years with two cross-country trips, and since Chrysler doesn't make this model any more and the Town and Country has fewer benefits for higher prices, it's not our first choice, or second.

Tomorrow my in-laws are coming. It's supposed to be warm and gorgeous and I think we are going to the waterfront to see the Amistad.

GIP, which is at least partially ashinae's fault.