May 17th, 2004

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Yeah, I'm Behind Again

Have spent a lovely afternoon and much of the evening here:

This is the Pride of Baltimore II, seen from the deck of the USS Constellation in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. That's the National Aquarium behind it on the left; we went there, too, and saw the dolphin show and the rays and a few of my other favorite things. Then we had dinner at Harborplace.

Full report and more pictures tomorrow, after I catch up on work, correspondence and chores.
little review

Poem for Monday

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Crap, it's after one, and other than having gotten my laundry folded, I have accomplished very little this morning besides getting to -150 on my flist. And that's ONE DAY'S WORTH of default list as it currently stands! Boy people had a lot to say yesterday!

Speaking of a lot to say, the cicadas have gotten loud; there's a sound like hundreds of very distant car alarms in the background all the time now. We live in a very wooded neighborhood where the birds wake up at 5 a.m. so this doesn't bother me; the whole thing is still neat, though I remember getting unhappy in 1987 being unable to walk down the sidewalks downtown without stepping on cicadas (I was interning at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a conservative political think tank. in the publications office, and wasn't that an experience the summer of the Iran-Contra hearings). My local paper, The Washington Post, has a Cicada Cam for anyone who's interested!

Iraq: can't handle thinking about it anymore right now. Massachusetts: Congratulations to everyone getting married today! Shall spread the Baltimore pictures out over a few posts so there's no inundation, but I had a really lovely day yesterday so wanted to share it. This morning, the dolphin show at the National Aquarium, where three babies were born the year before last, so there are families playing together:

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Bugged Again

My husband put on Fox News to find out where the thunderstorms were moving, in case we should not have power at 11 to watch the real news, and there was our rabbi from Chicago Sinai Congregation, Howard Berman, getting married in Boston, where he moved shortly after we left Chicago. He has since been an activist for gay marriage both nationally and within Judaism, and although I have had no contact with him in years, he presided over our older son's naming and I am thrilled for him.

On a related subject, seen in several places but linked most recently from gblvr, smolder's How the Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment should be written. Collapse )

Meme from anglepoiselamp: What color is your username? Mine is cruisedirector! (<font color=username><b>username</b></font>)

copperbadge provided this link to every form of fan fiction, which amused me greatly.

For this evening we have a couple more aquarium pictures -- giant rays and a sea turtle -- but first, a lesson about a different kind of animal, entitled "How To Torture Your Cat." Collapse ) Incidentally, if you have been wondering where Jack and Stephen -- the squirrels of my icon -- are, they have not been on our deck recently, though we see them down in the yard below; we think the cicadas must have thrown off their birdfeeder-raiding instincts.

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