May 18th, 2004

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Look! Look! New mood icons! I've wanted a Master and Commander set since I saw the movie, and the wonderful boxer_ferret has provided them! Go to her journal for them (the icons are here and she said I could link there, but everyone should go thank her for them).

shrinetolust linked me to Troy In 15 Minutes. I haven't seen the movie but this version has got to be funnier. eiluned also linked me to DeathByNearlyNaked!OrlandoBloom, but I am pretending I didn't see that. *g*

Less funny: They Rule, link via faramir_boromir, a site that lets you map the network of corporate board members of the largest 100 companies in America. Guess how incestuous?

And from this weekend, by request, ships.

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