May 26th, 2004

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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wednesday100: "Messiah", for the historical challenge. Am waiting to see if someone tells me it's blasphemous.

Tonight is the Enterprise third season finale, so the last review I must write until Fridays this fall. I hope it's good. I hope they don't stick on a stupid cliffhanger-type ending now that they know they can. But there is a teeny, tiny part of me that wonders whether the smartest thing they could do for the show is kill off Archer and bring in a new captain, played by someone well-known and charismatic and very unlike him. When a show's ratings have dropped off as much as this one's have, no matter how fair it is to blame the network and the writers, sometimes the only way to draw attention back to it is to do something drastic. For Voyager that meant bringing on Seven of Nine and getting rid of Kes, but Enterprise already has a woman in a catsuit, and I don't think the lack of sleaze factor has been a problem. If there's to be any hope for a fifth season, the show needs a bigger change than a war story arc...and the best way to accomplish that might be a major change of casting. There, I've said it...Opinions and flames welcome.

It's only May and I can't take the heat. What will I be like by August? Today at least there is a breeze. We are going to my in-laws' in Pennsylvania on Saturday and Sunday, after dinner Friday night with my parents for my father's birthday. I am on the one hand pleased about this, as it is generally cooler in Pennsylvania and we will get to see rabbits and groundhogs and the Amish market, and on the other hand feeling landlocked and wishing we could go to the beach, or at least to a lake somewhere.

Moon Bounce and Swings, North Pier, Chicago, Illinois