May 28th, 2004

little review

Poem for Friday

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It's my father's 66th birthday and he is quite cranky about this -- apparently the far side of 65 is just not pleasant to think about. He is one of those people who is never going to retire, at least not unless he has to, which I used to think was symptomatic of workaholism but he's not like my in-laws with a million self-occupying interests that have nothing to do with defining themselves by I think it's a lot healthier for him to keep working. We are going to my parents' for dinner tonight and then driving straight from there to Pennsylvania to my in-laws' (remind me to pack my book light). Apparently they live in a cicada-free zone, so the sound of a spaceship landing in the next town over will be absent for the weekend; I am peculiarly sorry about this. Of course, they do have bunnies and Maximus the groundhog, so I can't really complain.

The defunct Ford is getting picked up today for donation to charity, and I have an OB-GYN appointment since I'm overdue for my annual poking and prodding. At least I have the sushi we never ate last night because my older son, being despondent that he did not get to invite his best friend over to play after school due to the younger one's violin lesson, had the friend over for dinner, necessitating a change to spaghetti and pre-made Trader Joe's meatballs. Oh, two product pimps: Barbara's Bakery GrainShop cereal, and FX's Curls Up hair gel. The former is the best high-fiber cereal I've ever tasted, the latter not only untangles curls but I am not allergic to any of its ingredients. And it smells good.


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