May 29th, 2004

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Poem for Saturday

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We're in Pennsylvania and I'm posting tonight in case I can't get on in the morning when we're going to the farmer's market early. I read The Fortune of War the whole way up in the van after discovering that the Toyota's lights are designed so that the passenger can read without the glare distracting the driver; this makes me ecstatic as my book light cannot compete. The scene where Jack sews Stephen's coat, and the one where Stephen thinks about how much he loves to let Jack's voice flow over him while he is trying to think, just make me so happy.

Gacked from gblvr:

Cosplay Costume!
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Strawberry Wine

I know you were all hoping to see groundhog photos, but Maximus is in hiding -- apparently he does not like the heat and will not be out until evening, along with the bunnies. However, we did go to the farmer's market and then to pick strawberries on this gorgeous mid-seventies day without a cloud in the sky.

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Tonight my in-laws have offered to entertain the boys so we may be going to see Troy. It all depends on how quickly dinner gets organized and various other factors. But we must go out alone at some point this evening, as our younger son has lost a tooth and we need to make a Tooth Fairy run!
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Hot Ancient Warriors

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

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I thought Troy was a far better movie than I had expected it to be, though I did have several jarring moments of thinking I was watching LOTR instead ("Look, it's Helm's Deep! Look, here come the orc armies! Ooh, what's Boromir telling his king now?") Brad Pitt was better than I'd allowed myself to hope and Orlando Bloom was better than I expected, playing a well and truly thankless character. It's hard for me really to like any of the characters besides Hector (I wanted to like Briseis but she fell in love much too easily after devoting herself to chastity). The best I can say about Odysseus is that he was honorable; I wasn't particularly rooting for him, and for awhile he sounded so much like George Bush rationalizing war that I actively wanted someone to attack him.

I wept over Priam's plea to Achilles, and I had to take my glasses off because I was crying so hard at the end of the two-man duel before the gates of Troy that I will not risk spoiling for anyone, because this film also contained the single funniest moment I have ever in my life experienced at the movies. After the wooden horse with the famous name ended up where it ended up, and the thing started happening which inspired pithy sayings like "Beware Greeks bearing gifts," a woman several rows in front of us shrieked, "OH MY GOD!" The entire audience exploded with laughter, which lasted during what should have been a deeply somber scene of carnage, and I suppose I will never know how it might have hit me had there not been so much giggling, including my own. Hopefully I will be able to talk more seriously about the movie when I am not having an "OH MY GOD!" moment.