June 1st, 2004

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Poem for Monday

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Sorry to be late, I had to cover the resignation of Viacom president and chief operating officer Mel Karmazin for both TrekToday and CSI Files, as the appointment of CBS head honcho Les Moonves to the job has implications for both UPN and CBS. Wish I had any idea whether they were good ones.

The Complete Aubrey-Maturin Novels are only going to be $102 at amazon.com. This means I can definitely get them for my birthday in December after they come out in the fall. *g* 21 is less than $16 at amazon.com, too. Have finished The Fortune of War and am halfway through The Surgeon's Mate and I swear every book gets better, and I will be so sad when there are no more.

Speaking of books, the marvelous and wonderful ribby has sent me alternative gospels and a novel about the Far East and I want to express my public adoration! I read a translation/interpretation of The Gospel of Thomas several years ago and am thrilled to have this to dive into, though I have not finished the last book she sent me because of my O'Brian distraction! Was cleaning off what passes for my desk yesterday and found my copy of Walking to Canterbury, which I read while traveling in England last year, never finished, put down and forgot about. Am thinking I am probably meant to save it till next year and read it while traveling in England, again!

Arwen is on my June LOTR calendar page. Why does she get dissed so freakin' much? That was one of the biggest reasons I lost fannish interest in LOTR, I think; other than juleskicks and ashinae, not enough affection for Arwen and what seems to me a ridiculous sense that Aragorn could have done better. She's the one I think deserves more. Eowyn too, but for some reason I have confidence in her wit and resourcefulness and I have never doubted that she and Faramir were happy together, even though it took a long time for him to grow on me.

You may have noticed the lack of advance HP:POA squee. This is because, while I am greatly looking forward to going with gblvr and vertigo66, I have found that my actual enjoyment of a movie has tended to be in inverse proportion to my level of squee beforehand. If I love it, you may rest assured you will be hearing about it for months to come. Did I say anything about M&C beforehand, after all?
little review

'Fortune of War' Notes

...which I realized I really should post today, as it is the anniversary of the date in 1813 when the HMS Shannon captured the USS Chesapeake off Boston. Oops, does that count as a spoiler? I'm still recovering from "Oh my God!" at the Trojan Horse. *g*

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