June 10th, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I love that Sharon Olds has the guts to try to explain this stuff, to admit that she's thinking these things. And I am going to say something that is undoubtedly politically incorrect, but so be it. Collapse )

On a happier note, I would like to thank boxer_ferret for a brief dose of Death By Jack Aubrey. As for where yesterday went...had a lovely lunch (Mexican food and ice cream) with gblvr who now owes me a Minion's Handbook so I know the proper rules of etiquette when I am in her presence, came home and wrote some articles, called my mother who had what was supposed to be very minor skin surgery but is in a great deal of discomfort from it, tried to call my sister to see whether visiting shall occur next weekend, pumped fluids into my very overheated children who had Field Day at school yesterday despite the ghastly temperatures, sent my older son off to his baseball playoff, discovered that Snape does not like and in fact flatly refuses to have his feelings edited, welcomed my older son home early from his baseball playoff after he became nauseous from the heat after a day spent in it, and tried to figure out what needed doing before his graduation from elementary school tonight which will be attended by all four of his grandparents.

I have not heard from my editor this morning and am going to take that as a blessing, as I am insane, between taking perkypaduan to Virginia with me to meet beeej for a thrice-postponed lunch, getting my younger son to violin, needing to pick up dinner for the crowd, possibly needing to stop at the drugstore for my mother and various other insanities. Sorry that I am once again behind on correspondence, which simply cannot be helped until the school year ends!

ETA: Have provided my own dose today of Death By Paul Bettany!