June 19th, 2004

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Ditching Real World For Wizarding World

Today I did some shopping with my kids, mostly so they could spend their graduation money on the new Pokemon DVD and a Sonic GameCube game, and I did break down and buy a Galadriel in Target because she was $6 and I don't have one and how could I not, and then we had dinner with my parents who despite its being their anniversary are apparently not speaking to each other but I really tried not to ask any questions (my mother had already called my husband to bitch him out for the fact that of the five phone messages she had left me, I had only left her one in return, in which I DID remember to say happy anniversary and those niceties but I didn't know I was supposed to answer questions about plans for the weekend because she failed to mention that in any of the five messages). But enough about my exciting life. The real fun of my day was this evening in cyberspace.

lamath pointed me to this interview with David Thewlis and perhaps everyone has seen it already but I simply must steal these quotes: Collapse )

On a related HP note, gacked from all over my friends list, and seeing as I was born in Sagittarius in the Year of the Horse, it only makes sense:

Your Patronus is the Horse! The horse is a symbol
of physical and spiritual power and is also a
bearer of burdens. He is a powerful ally
against your enemies.
That your Patronus is a horse says that you are a
strong person--strong enough to bear others'
burdens when they become too much. Be careful
to consider yourself and you will be a terrific
witch or wizard.
What is Your Patronus? Version 1
brought to you by Quizilla

And ashinae interrupted some perfectly good M&C smut-writing to link me to this image (also in rickman_daily here) which led to this very necessary GIP!

I should have been asleep an hour ago but there were entirely too many characters clamoring for attention. Have finally gotten Jack, Stephen, Maximus, Lupin and Snape off to bed, have told Lucius where to stuff it, and am pointedly ignoring the bunny that article is trying to put in my head.
little review

Poem for Saturday

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Am rushing to my son's end-of-season Little League picnic and then to the Alexandria Waterfront Festival to see tall ships, so have no time to answer comments from earlier, but I offer squee in exchange:

Courtesy uluviel by way of enora, Harry Potter men kissing men. Thewlis (and DiCaprio) in Total Eclipse, Oldman in Prick Up Your Ears, and Rickman in Dark Harbor. Please thank her for providing this lusciousness. (Jason Isaacs boy-kissing, anyone? Please?)

Kim sent me a lovely drawing of Guy Pearce. It's on her page. I shall be gone till tonight -- we are hoping to get to Bilbo Baggins restaurant early enough to get a table upstairs in the Hobbit room after the tall ships, though we'll see how tired we all are!
little review


Have gotten too much sun today so forgive any utter incoherency. Spent the morning at my son's Little League picnic, about which the less said the better; they didn't have his trophy, though they had the trophies of the other eleven kids, he was miserable, his misery made his brother miserable, both kids wanted to do nothing more than sit in the shade and sulk and then the dog stole my younger son's sandwich, which should have been hilarious except he decided to have a meltdown about it...let's just forget that part of the day. Oh, there was one highlight: among the books piled on the kitchen mantle was a copy of Lobscouse and Spotted Dog, and I got into a brief discussion of Patrick O'Brian with my son's baseball coach, which may literally be the only thing we have in common besides disdain for the New York Yankees. I can't help wondering whether my son would have been happier not being one of the weakest players on a division champion team, but being an average player on a mediocre team.

Anyway, after receiving promises that they would find and send us the trophy, we drove down to Alexandria to the annual Red Cross Waterfront Festival, where I managed to hook up with perkypaduan who was volunteering, and we met on the pier by the tall ships -- the Kalmar Nyckel (a reproduction of a ship that brought Swedish immigrants to America in the 1600s), the schooner Sultana and the Gazela (ghazalah, I thought of you) which was built to transport fishermen to Newfoundland and later starred in Interview with the Vampire -- they have pictures of Brad Pitt aboard. There was also a truck from the Virginia Marine Science Museum with a touch-tank and some little exhibits, including an aquarium with stingrays, plus a marine rescue group and a parrot foundation with animals, and because it was to benefit the Red Cross there were a number of health and safety exhibits for humans and animals.

And to our great delight, a group that's been at the Renaissance fair, the Noble Blades, were performing on the pier right in front of the Kalmar Nyckel. They'd been giving out balloons to kids all afternoon and doing little skits, and right when we came off the tour of the ship, they had started a mock-tournament with a group culled from the audience and given pink balloon swords to fight with. Then they split into factions -- some sort of pirate versus legit sea captain battle, though I'd be hard-pressed to say who were the pirates and who were the authorities -- and at some point one of the guys started singing "Double, double, toil and trouble" and one of the other guys yelled, "No! You said Macbeth!" and the singer objected, "I did not! I said Harry Potter!" ...okay, maybe you had to be there. Anyway it was very funny and they ended by leading the crowd in a rousing sing-along of the theme from The Love Boat which naturally warmed my heart.

From the waterfront we walked to Bilbo Baggins restaurant, where I have not been since I met juleskicks and lohowarose there many moons ago. We ate an enormous meal (they don't have a kids' menu so our kids both ordered full dishes and did a creditable job devouring them), and one doesn't go to Bilbo Baggins without getting dessert -- Lord of the Rings, for instance, which consists of alternating layers of white and dark chocolate ganache and mousse. So I am very full and quite content, despite the trophy disaster of this morning which my son fortunately seems to have forgotten about in the wake of dessert. I do have one brief follow-up on my post of this morning: Jason Isaacs in the miniseries A Dangerous Lady! No clips, but kissing pics, which is a good start.

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