June 23rd, 2004

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Poem for Wednesday

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I'm not really sure where yesterday went. The orientation at the middle school seemed to go well; we met up with the family of another child from my son's elementary school who will also be in the magnet program, who's not one of his good friends but who is friendly and an excellent math student, and they hung out together during the orientation tour while I was upstairs in the media center with my very bored (and refusing to be placated by any distraction) younger son and other parents. The principal seems intelligent and competent, the PTA president seems mellow and not at all obsessed with either fundraising or how her hair looks which will be a nice change from the elementary school PTA president. The building seems easier to navigate than the local middle school, which I attended, even though the magnet school is slightly larger.

I hadn't brought my younger son a snack, which was a big mistake as the snack machines are actually programmed not to function until after 2:40 even during the summer, so had to take the kids out for fast food (they were too busy for breakfast at a reasonable breakfast hour, ate some lunch right before we left and then wanted another lunch right afterward). Due to a Happy Meal incident, I am now the proud owner of one of those Step With It thingies. Anyone else here use one (and do the McDonalds versions work as well as the expensive ones)? Do they actually motivate you? I did not take a real walk yesterday, as I had kids at home and articles to write, and I feel like a lox.

My husband got in the mood to watch Time Bandits last evening and got the kids to watch with him. I have started to watch this movie perhaps three times before and have never made it all the way through. Am not sure why this is; I hit a point of utter boredom where The Never-Ending Story starts to look good by comparison. Which is sad, really, given the talent involved in Time Bandits. And as ashinae pointed out to me the ending is damn creepy.

This morning I am suffering Death By Alan Rickman, courtesy littlemimm, via The Alan Rickman Download Haven, which I'd never seen before. There are no words for the squee. Also, mrkinch, rickman_daily has some lovely pictures of Alan Rickman's hands (in puffy sleeves no less). Guh.

Collapse ) Am having lunch with perkypaduan -- looks like rain, maybe we can get my kids to watch The Silver Stallion and then we can have our Russell Crowe and eat him too!